Pathways Family Court Services (PFCS) has been offering quality and affordable EC 730, FC 3111, and FC 3118 evaluation services since 2001. The child custody evaluators at PFCS are carefully trained and fully certified psychotherapists who have conducted more than 1,000 evaluations over the past 16 years. Our evaluators also provide reunification therapy for parents and children, serve as Special Masters and Expert Witnesses for the Court, and conduct EC 733 reviews of other evaluator's work. 

We Offer the Following Benefits and Services: 

* A fee structure that is fair and affordable;

* Objective, scientific, and thorough data collection from multiple sources;

* Timely completion, usually within 60 days of parents' first appointments;

* Logically consistent and understandable reports delivered on time;

* Dedication to protecting the "best interest of the child."

Our Professional Staff and Services

Richard G. Youn​g, Ph.D., LMFT

Dr. Young has been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice for over 40 years and is the Founder and Clinical Director of Pathways Family Court Services. In addition to performing more than 600 evaluations so far in his career, Dr. Young specializes in the treatment of individuals, couples, and families and has taught psychology at the university level for 25 years. He is also a popular author and lecturer and has led trainings and workshops for therapists throughout the country. Dr. Young divides his time equally between offices in Northern and Southern California. He is the author of Becoming Winners, Paths of a Prodigal, The Via Dolorosa, and The Complete Handbook for Child Custody Evaluators.

Our Services

Divorce is often a very painful process, especially when complicated by a dispute over child custody. At Pathways Family Court Services, we attempt to reduce the stress and facilitate resolution between parents by providing comprehensive and objective child custody evaluations and other services. We are always guided by the best interests of the children involved. The following is a list of the services offered at PFCS:

  • FC 3111 Child Custody Evaluations
  • EC 730 Child Custody Evaluations
  • FC 3118 Sexual Abuse Evaluations
  • EC 733 Evaluation Review
  • Reunification Therapy
  • Special Master
  • Expert Witness
  • Two Locations

Claudia Moon-Perez, MS, LMFT

Ms. Moon-Perez is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in Southern California with her husband, Robert Perez, who is also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. In addition to her work conducting child custody evaluations and providing reunification therapy for parents and children, Ms. Moon-Perez provides comprehensive therapy services to school-aged children and their families. She is a highly competent and experienced 730 evaluator and a certified specialist in Employee Assistance Programs (EAP).

Words From Our Clients

I would highly recommend Pathways Family Court Services for their fast and courteous service. They made the process of participating in a child custody evaluation as stress-free as possible, especially for my children.

A Relieved Parent